22 May

From Mav and myself,  The Bourgeois Brothers
Big news on the The Bourgeois Brothers front.
Work on finalising our second, and last, album is almost done.
This is a different feel from our first album, every song is different and some are quite deep, it’s a mixture of pure electro to synth jazz and everything in between and each song has an attachment to myself or Cole.
As I said, it’s our last work, this is due to the difficulties in being 6000 miles apart and being unable to be in a studio together and with no support. We are proud of how far we have come with this album from our early ventures. We shall pursue individual projects after this, but for now, stay fabulous and get ready for the release, and who knows, maybe we will be back.
It's been the greatest pleasure and joy of my life to envelop myself in music with my brother Laird Mav on one of the most fulfilling and cr

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